Alden Richards agree to Thai host that he is Single!

Alden Richards agree to Thai host that he is Single!

Pambansang Bae Alden Richards has been in showbizness for almost 6 years and probably he is one of the most successful star of this generation . His career buzz up when he was paired to the Phenomenal star Maine Mendoza which made their love team called AlDub.

Every products he endorse is surely and undeniably getting a large and huge amount of sales because of his effective charisma to his fans especially to all AlDub Nation and Aldenatics.

He is also a great actor, an awesome singer , a host and an entrepreneur . Alden Richards has it all. That's why he is considered one of the role model of this generation and for all the youth.

In every mall show that Alden Richards is attending he is receiving such a warm welcome from the crowd. It is obvious because we can see on the videos uploaded by fans that everytime Alden Richards will enter the mall he is surrounded by 5-7 body guards and people are mobbing him and creaming for his name.

Truly Alden Richards does not lose his career , how much more if his love team Maine Mendoza is with him .

Last November 8,2017 Alden Richards together with the Kapuso stars Carla Abellana , Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo flew to Thailand to promote their show Carmela and My Husband's Lover.

On the vent, the Thai host Ning Saraika asked Alden Richards if he is single and Alden Richards said Yes and this creates a buzz on AlDub Nation.

They said that Alden only said it to capture Thai fans.

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